Is fat freezing the coolest way to lose inches quickly? Why some think so

Is fat freezing the coolest way to lose inches quickly? Why some think so

Is fat freezing the coolest way to lose inches quickly? Why some think so
Posted on January 3rd, 2023

Working hard and not seeing results could be discouraging, especially for those who are actively trying to lose a few inches. Today, many people who struggle with having areas of unwanted diet and exercise-resistant fat, have more options to remove excess fat and improve body contours noninvasively.

Cryoskin is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that uses a cold temperature to destroy fat cells in certain areas of the body. Cryoskin is offered at gyms, salons, and spas in Savannah.

“I get a lot of moms who just had a baby. I also get a lot of calls from military people who need to lose a couple of inches because they’re having an upcoming PT test or whatever,” said Ashley Lawton, owner of Heavenly Body Studio & Spa in Savannah.

“We help a lot of people when they’re just trying to get rid of fat that they can’t get rid of on their own. They exercise, they eat right, but they just can’t get rid of that pudge or those few little inches of fat that just won’t come off. So, that’s what we do, we take care of that.”

All in all, Lawton says she has hundreds of clients, which includes Savannah resident and mom of two Arielle Merlow who said, “After my last daughter I had the pooch and I just gained so much weight.”

Deciding to embark on a weight loss journey Merlow, started making changes so that she could see results after having two children.

“I did a lot of running, walking, a lot of cardio. I also did aerobics and weight lifting. I wouldn’t say I was on a specific diet, I just tried to eat a lot better. I cut out a lot of juices, carbonated beverages, sweet beverages and just drank a lot of water. I wasn’t really on a diet, I was more careful about the way I ate.”

Merlow said she didn’t have any underlying health issues and worked out of for months before she decided to have Cryoskin procedures. “It’s noninvasive, it’s not painful and it doesn’t take long at all, so those were the perks of why I wanted to get it done.”

Although Cryoskin is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and it does not prevent illness nor disease, a study suggested with the increased risk of complications from more invasive methods such as liposuction, Cryoskin presents a promising method for nonsurgical fat removal and body contouring. 

The method involves using a machine with either a paddle or a wand that basically targets fat cells in the body by freezing them or bringing them down to a very low temperature.

Concerning the cold temperature, Lawton said, “They actually do experience the cold. Fortunately, because it’s targeted, it doesn’t really affect your whole body. People pretty much get used to the temperature. I tell people it’s like when you walk into a cold pool, at first it’s like really cold but then you get used to the water and then you’re fine, same thing happens when we do that treatment.”

After the freezing or low temperatures, heat is applied to the cells again and that’s when the change begins to take place.

“Once we put heat to those cells again they then liquefy and your lymphatic system takes over and helps to remove them from your body through your urine or bowel movements,” said Lawton. “Usually after we’re done I have them go to the bathroom right away because a lot of time the fat cells are coming out pretty quickly so they need to go ahead and use the restroom and then I usually have them get on this machine that shakes them up really fast and helps the body release those fat cells as well.”

Lawton said results can usually be seen after one session and that inches lost depends on the body part because the stomach tends to lose weight a lot faster with the Cryoskin process.

“If you get the arms done, you may not lose a 1 ½ on your arms but around the stomach, you can definitely lose an 1 ½, even 2 inches around the stomach in one session, it just depends on the person.”

“When you’re trying to lose weight, it takes forever to see results. You might have to wait a week before you see anything on the scale but actually being able to see that you lost inches like that day made me feel a lot better and it kept me motivated to stay on my weight loss journey,” said Merlow.

Like invasive targeted fat reduction procedures, there are potential side effects to noninvasive options like Cryoskin, which might include temporary localized redness, muscle soreness, itching that is often due to the reactions of certain cosmetic products used by clients and increased urination. It is important to consult with your physician before getting an invasive or noninvasive procedure done.

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